This is the link to the old version of Mjograph, now available only for Windows and Linux.

Brand-new mjograph

Super-mjograph is a brand-new successor to my previous work, mjograph. While it has been used by a wide range of scientists, it has become somewhat outdated. I decided to develop a completely new version as a Mac-native app. Since mjograph’s user-friendly interface has been highly appreciated, I did not redesign that for this new one. You can enjoy several new features and improved performance with almost the same user experience.

Design Policy

Super-Mjograph is designed in a way I find easy-to-use. If you agree with my thoughts below, this piece of software would be a great research partner for you too!
Existing tools are too command-oriented
No more exhaustion in looking up commands. The GUI is simple and intuitive, and takes less time to learn.

That said, CUI is inevitable
Super-Mjograph is scriptable with AppleScript (although currently minimal). Python interface is also available.

Visualization should be prompt and expeditious
Visualization is a basic routine for every researcher, and therefore it should be done as efficiently as possible. Imagine how many steps we need in Excel even for just creating a very simple line plot.

Plotting is an art where a researcher's aesthetics can be sensed
What if customizing appearance is too laborious? We are then discouraged from beautifying the plot. Super-Mjograph's well-organized interface encourages you to express your aesthetics.

Stable user interface
An unnecessary update of the UI is very annoying. I continue developing Super-Mjograph with deliberate consideration given to the interface.

Mac apps should be sexy
I love Mac and its unified look-and-feel. I want to minimize the dependence on heterogeneous cross-platform apps.


  • Super-Mjograph is free for personal use without any limitation in functionality. However, if you are going to use for professional purposes (regardless of whether you are in academy or industry), please purchase a paid license, where 'personal' and 'professional' cases are specifically as follows.
    • [Personal case] writing reports for class, charting data on a personal website, etc., that is, any activity apart from your business.
    • [Professional case] publishing papers, making a presentation at a conference, etc.
  • Even for the professional use, we offer an indefinite trial period. That is, you can try until you feel the software deserves to be paid.
  • The license terms here apply to both Super-Mjograph and mjograph. Please note that mjograph was free, but not anymore as of December 2017 for professional use.
  • Onec your purchase is confirmed, you will receive a license key within a few days.
Professional license (site) Professional license (single user) Free
Price ¥300,000
Subscription period 1 year 1 year
Installation Can be installed on multiple computers (up to 30) that belong to the same organization Can be installed on multiple computers whose main user is you
Conditions of use There is no particular limitation There is no particular limitation Limited to personal purposes as described above